The effect of interest rates, exchange rates and capital structure on banking profitability of BUMN and Private Go Public in Indonesia




State-owned and private banks, BUKU 4 Banks, Interest Rates, xchange Rates, Capital Structure (Debt to Equity Ratio), Profitability (Return on Asset)


This study aims to examine and analyze the influence of interest rates, exchange rates and capital structure on profitability in state-owned and private banking go public in Indonesia. This research is quantitative research based on the study of empirical rational principles. Collecting data using secondary data with purposive sampling technique, the sample consists of Commercial Banks Business Group (BUKU IV) with core capital > Rp 30 trillion. The data analysis technique used panel data regression analysis using EVIEWS version 11 software. The results showed that the interest rate had a positive and significant effect on banking profitability; Exchange Rate has a negative and significant effect on Banking Profitability; Capital Structure has a positive and significant effect on Banking Profitability; Interest Rate, Exchange Rate, and Capital Structure simultaneously have a positive and significant effect on Banking Profitability


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