Accountability in village financial management in Kludan Village


  • Farida Nur Aini Kusumaningrum
  • Ali Djamhuri
  • Lilik Purwanti



This study aims to understand the practice of government financial accountability in Kludan Village, Tanggulangin District, Sidoarjo Regency. Village finances are very interesting to study, because of the large amounts of funds released by the centre for the development and welfare of communities in the village. This study uses two forms of public accountability, namely vertical accountability and horizontal accountability. The use of these two forms of accountability is expected to be able to dig deep information for the village government. This study uses an interpretive paradigm with a case study method. The data used are primary data, obtained from interviews with informants and secondary data obtained from documentation owned by the village government. Village culture is also a tool used by researchers in making decisions when observing research carried out. This is because village culture also influences the way the community and village government think about making decisions. The results showed that the village financial accountability vertically and horizontally had been carried out in accordance with the rules of government on 113 of 2014. This was evidenced by the implementation which was carried out in a transparent, accountable, participatory as well as orderly and budgetary discipline. However, there is still a lack of mastery by village officials regarding the recording of accountability reports. The village government tends to have less accountability. This will have an impact on the level of trust of the village community and the welfare of the village environment.  


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Aini Kusumaningrum, F. N. ., Djamhuri, A., & Purwanti, L. (2021). Accountability in village financial management in Kludan Village. International Journal of Research in Business and Social Science (2147- 4478), 10(3), 419–423.



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