Capital investment decisions of small and medium enterprises in Benin-City, Nigeria


  • Amadin Victor Idehen University of Benin



Capital investment decision, Small and medium enterprises, Investment techniques, Investment decisions


The study examined the capital investment decision of small and medium enterprises ( SME’s) in Nigeria. The objective of the study is to determine if small and medium enterprises in Nigeria utilize investment techniques. The survey research method was employed to carry out the study. Data were elicited through the use of questionnaires and oral interviews. These data were analyzed and presented using a statistical technique such as tables and percentages. The result revealed that most small and medium enterprises in Nigeria utilized investment techniques in their investment decision. Based on the above findings, it was recommended that SMEs in Nigeria should be encouraged to employ the services of qualified professionals or someone who has knowledge on basic techniques for investment decisions, the government should organize frequent training for SMEs on financial and investment decisions.   


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