Policy implementation of the performance assessment system of aparatures in Cilandak Jakarta IPDN campus





Sikerja, Policy implementation, Performance


This study aims to identify and analyze and formulate a model for implementing the Apparatus Performance Assessment System Policy (Sikerja) at the IPDN Cilandak Jakarta Campus. The type of research used is descriptive with a qualitative approach. To formulate a model for the implementation of the apparatus performance appraisal system policy (Sikerja) at the IPDN Cilandak Jakarta campus, researchers used Soft System Methodology (SSM). In this study, an analysis of the implementation of the Sikerja policy was carried out with the dimensions studied were communication, resources, disposition and bureaucratic structure. The results showed that the implementation of the Sikerja policy at IPDN CIlandak Jakarta campus has been carried out quite well in the disposition and bureaucratic structure dimensions, however in the communication and resource dimensions there are still obstacles. The Implementation Model of the Apparatus Performance Appraisal System (Sikerja) policy at the IPDN Cilandak Jakarta Campus is a model that adds a dimension of commitment as an additional dimension in implementing the Sikerja policy. 


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