A systematic review of perceived value toward online review on s-commerce platform


  • Nabhassorn Atchariyakarn NA
  • Jing Zhang




Perceived Value, Online Review, e-WOM, Social-Commerce, Systematic Review


Online reviews play a significant role in supporting consumers to make purchase decisions across provided platforms. Many studies examine the characteristics of online reviews and their impacts, nevertheless, only a few studies examine the perceived value from online reviews. This study provides the integration view by utilizing the systematic approach to synthesize 36 academic papers out of 661 searched papers between January 1st, 2011, and December 22nd, 2019.  The contribution of researchers in studying the perceived value is increasing significantly and continuously since 2018.  There are two main types of online reviews regardless of online platforms: Expert-written reviews and customer-written reviews. Perceived values can be derived from online review and be transmitted to online review simultaneously upon the content of studies. The framing of questions for a review focus on five key questions and to illustrate by providing the mind mapping of perceived value to reveal components and relationship among them. The finding emphasizes the research contents of existing research and research allocation, analysis of techniques used, theories, methodologies used, implications in different industrial sectors to enhance the understanding of this relevant information, ambiguous meanings, and development of areas that lack attention in the past decade. Besides, the indication of studies could identify the importance of perceived values that has a greater impact on consumers in the pre-stage of purchase decision.   


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