Employment of disadvantaged groups in OECD countries

A comparative study with MDS analysis


  • Aslı Beyhan Acar
  • Mine Afacan Findikli




Employment and unemployment rates of disadvantaged groups, MDS analysis, unemployment rates of OECD countries.


In the labour relations literature, groups such as women, students, youth, youth who are neither employed nor in education or training (15-29-year-olds) disabled people, and retirees are accepted as “disadvantaged”. Although the employment of disadvantaged groups or unemployment indicators vary across countries, the employment of disadvantaged groups appears to be a common problem in many countries. In this context, in this study, it was conducted to investigate the dissimilarity of some disadvantaged groups in terms of employment and unemployment among OECD countries, including women, youth, youth who are neither employed nor in education or training. The most dissimilar countries tried to be determined in terms of variables handled within OECD countries. This determination was considered important to make comparisons correctly between countries. Since the most recent data in OECD and World Bank databases belong to 2018, countries that belong to this year and cover the most variables whenever possible are tried to be addressed. Multidimensional scaling analysis (MDS) was used in the research. In macro studies, Cluster or MDS analyses are generally preferred for cross country comparisons. MDS analysis is a method especially used to determine the dissimilarity between units. In this study, it was found that Turkey was the most dissimilar country in other OECD countries in terms of the variables that are used in the study. This study is due diligence and the results should not be considered as good or bad. There are very good examples of countries in the field of employment and social policy, and it is also important to evaluate the locations according to these countries in determining the main results.





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Acar, A. B., & Afacan Findikli, M. (2020). Employment of disadvantaged groups in OECD countries: A comparative study with MDS analysis. International Journal of Research in Business and Social Science (2147- 4478), 9(4), 330–342. https://doi.org/10.20525/ijrbs.v9i4.763